Ink on paper, 2017 21 x 16 cm


June 4, 2017

Ink on paper, 2017
21 x 16 cm

Some of the events I’ve spoken at over the last few years:

August 2017, Community Engagement Summit Series, Sydney

June 2017, Singapore, MRMW Asia Pacific Market Research Conference

December 2016, Qualtrics Government Day

October 2015, AMSRS Government and Social Research NSW chapter

August 2014, Liverpool City Council

June 2014, Vivid Live Talks, Local Government Arts and Culture Symposium, Sydney.

November 2013, Maitland City Council – Empty Spaces forum, with Marcus Westbury and the Economic Development unit, Maitland NSW.

August 2013, Queensland Regional Arts and Culture Conference: Articulate 2013, Rockhampton, QLD Australia.

July 2013, Take It To Market, National Association for the Visual Arts, Bathurst NSW.

June 2013, the 8th International Conference on the Arts In Society, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.

June 2013, Symposium: Local Government Roles in Creative Industries and Cultural Tourism, Vivid  Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney.

April 2013, Sydney Arts Management Advisory Group April Seminar, Australia Council of the Arts Sydney.

March 2013, Creating Spaces: Renew Australia national conference, Newcastle Australia.

February 2013, Cementa Contemporary Art Festival, Kandos, NSW.

November 2012, University of Western Sydney Associate Degree in Creative Industries Guest Lecture series, St Mary’s Corner, Penrith Sydney.

October 2012. Grassroots Placemaking. Kumuwuki Big Wave, Regional Arts Australia National Conference, Goolwa, SA.

May 2012. CBD and Town Centre Design and Development Conference, SMC Conference Centre Sydney.

September 2011, 6.30-8.30pm. Creative Dialogues: Building Vibrant Regional Centres, Wollongong City Gallery. Forum Chaired by Cr Ann Martin, plus speakers John Montgomery (Urban Cultures), Marla Guppy (Guppy and Associates), David Sharpe, Melissa Ryan (University of Wollongong). Part of Viva La Gong program 2011.

July 2011, University of Technology, Sydney. ‘Empty Spaces Q&A’. Forum featured Marcus Westbury (Renew Australia), Marnie Jackson (Renew Newcastle),  plus directors of ‘Art at the Heart’ Lismore, Create Innovate Gosford, Renew Adelaide and more. Facilitated by Lisa Andersen, Community Engagement Coordinator, Empty Spaces and Chia Moan.

June 2011. Museum of Contemporary Art Australia. ‘Is Sydney Pricing Creativity Out of the Picture?’Vivid Creative Sydney Festival. See Split Press summary here.

October 2010. ‘Lifting the Lid’ panel Women in Local Government conference. Hosted by Mike Munroe and Regional Development Australia Orana. Dubbo Regional Theatre and Convention Centre, Dubbo NSW.